MaryAnn Miller

Art In The Time Of Savages

Artist’s Statement

My printmaking process has evolved from editioning to creating unique compositions employing monotype, serigraphy, pochoir (stencil), stamping and collage. This has allowed me to expand my visual vocabulary from a broad supply of shape, line and color. I have been influenced by Mark Rothko, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Helen Frankenthaler, and Cy Twombly. I work on several pieces at a time building a series that reads together like lines in a visual poem.

Art in the Time of Savages is about the insistence on making art against a barbaric political backdrop when the true savages in our societies have been revealed. There are nine prints in the series each measuring 10” x 14” on Rives BFK paper. The total array measures 31” x 43” in individual frames under plexiglass (no borders).

$750 each, $5000 for the full array.

Art in the Time of Savages

Along the border all drawings have

been taken down not one left

to point a direction for our feet.

We might know the way if we had

wings to spread above the shining

twist of water.

The place of no location has flung

us away from Frida’s baby.

Don’t come here

lullabies are spiders in the bed.

They plan to rub us out

before we can make frantic art

in a jackal world.

Our scraping must matter

it reverberates like

a green poppy sending smoke.

Published in Ovunque Siamo December 2018