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Raven Fine Art Editions is pleased to introduce the rare opportunity to acquire original fine art prints by nationally and internationally recognized artists. This November Raven Fine Art Editions launched its Collectors Print Club, an annual membership program that provides museum quality fine art prints to national and international collectors and lovers of art.

Raven Fine Art Editions collaborates with an impressive roster of artists to create original limited edition artworks not available to the marketplace. Artists invited to print with Raven Fine Art Editions’ master printmaker have established careers and reputations, and the star-studded list of makers include David Driskell, Faith Ringgold, Richard Anuskiewicz, Grace Hartigan, Sam Gilliam, and Kay Walkingstick. Artists have the opportunity to work with a range of printmaking techniques such as serigraph, lithograph, intaglio, and relief, and with the technical expertise of the master printmaker, can even experiment and innovate with these age-old print processes.

Members of the club receive artwork straight off the press, getting a first look at fresh work by renowned artists before it enters the larger art world market. For the annual membership fee of $1500, members receive two limited edition, museum quality prints valued at $1500 each. Members also have the option to put their membership fee towards the purchase of a print from our extensive archive. Memberships last one year from the sign-up date.

Additional member benefits include invitations to exclusive artist talks, signings, demonstrations, cocktail parties, collector workshops, and VIP openings. A portion of each membership fee is donated to The Arts Preservation Fund created to provide student scholarships and help support artists in need.

Summary of Member Benefits

  • Receive two museum quality prints at a special club price

  • Choose prints from designated Club artists or from selected works from the Raven Fine Art Editions archive

  • Attend artist talks, demos, and signings

  • Attend special events and parties

  • Support emerging and struggling artists


  • Special promotions and discounts on all additional print purchases.

  • Curated print packages - With over 20 years of printmaking history and an impressive archive of prints by African American and international artists, you can trust us to curate custom print packages for your collection needs.

2019 Collectors Print Club Artists

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