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Artists in Residence

With over 20 years of experience, the Raven Editions team have worked with an impressive roster of national and international artists including David Driskell, Faith Ringgold, Sam Gilliam, Grace Hartigan, William T. Williams, and Kay Walkingstick. Most recently, Raven Fine Art Editions invited Atlanta-based artist Kevin Cole and Rush Arts founder Danny Simmons to the studio for artist in residencies.

Selected artists

  • Alison Saar

  • Richard Anuszkiewicz

  • Rolando Rojas

  • Benny Andrews

  • Elizabeth Catlett

  • Roy Crosse

  • Gregory Coates

  • Radcliffe Bailey

  • Arcmanoro Niles

  • Martha Jackson Jarvis

  • Richard Mayhew

  • Willie Cole

  • Nelson Stevens

  • Barbara Bullock

  • Jase Clark

  • Najee Dorsey

  • Ulysses Marshall

  • Alvin Loving

  • Evangeline Montgomery

  • Berrisford Boothe

  • Shellie Jacobson

  • Kumi Korf

  • Nikky Finney

  • Maureen Cummins

  • Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier

  • Emil Lukas

  • Curlee Raven Holton

  • Maria Pisano

  • Shellie Jacobson

  • Kumi Korf

  • Nikky Finney

  • Maureen Cummins

  • Paul F. Keene Jr.

  • Leon Hicks

  • Emma Amos

  • Louis Delsarte

Featured Artists

David C. Driskell

Kevin Cole

Danny Simmons